Community outreach

We’re committed to playing a positive role in every community we are a part of around the world. Through grant-making and local initiatives that utilize our tools and expertise, we’re working to help businesses, educational institutions, community collaboratives, non-profits and individuals in Singapore create and thrive in a sustainable, knowledge-based economy. We are also always on the lookout for opportunities for Googlers to share their expertise and their time with the local community.

Community Grants

Google community grants range from $20,000 to $100,000 USD, and are intended for nonprofit and certain public organizations. We will not fund for-profit companies through this program. When evaluating proposals, we consider: impact on the data center community and surrounding areas, measurable impact of the resources on achieving the mission, collaboration with other organizations and the ability to leverage other resources in the community, and the integration of Google in-kind or volunteer resources to maximize the impact. Learn more about our Data Center Community Grants program, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Green initiatives

Google is also committed to creating a better web that's better for the environment. We welcome proposals from data center communities that reduce carbon emissions in the immediate region, including projects that increase the renewable energy mix powering our data centers. Applicants can be nonprofit or for-profit entrepreneurs. We’ll be looking for cost of generation, innovation, and total carbon reduction. To submit proposals, please contact us.

Other Ideas?

If you’d like to suggest additional ways that Google can become more involved in the community, please contact us.