1. When you search, you’re not just looking for a webpage.
    You’re looking to get answers, understand or explore.


  2. So we’re building a massive graph of real-world things
    and their connections, to bring you more meaningful results.

    Introducing the Knowledge Graph  


The Knowledge Graph

Learn more about one of the key breakthroughs
behind the future of search.

Ready to see more?
  1. Search for a person, place or thing and you’ll
    see new information powered by the Knowledge Graph.


  2. We can use the Knowledge Graph to answer questions you never thought to ask and help you discover more.

    Explore your search
  3. Explore your search with insights based on the most popular questions people ask—even if the answer you’re looking for isn’t a single thing, but a list or a collection.

    Browse collections
  4. See where your curiosity will take you.

    Learn more below.


See it in action

Discover answers to questions you never
thought to ask, and explore collections and lists.


Learn more about the Knowledge Graph.

Go under the hood with members of the team who work on this technology.

Get answers no matter where you search.

Information from the Knowledge Graph is available on desktop, tablet, and your smartphone. So wherever you search on Google, you’ll find that answers and discovery are at your fingertips.

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